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GSM Controller Image1

This is a programmable controller with multiple I/O lines that can be programmed by sending SMS. Various input and output devices can be connected to these I/O lines which can be activated or deactivated as per the programming sequence. The entire system programming can be done by sending an SMS and alerts can be obtained from the system via SMS. This system can be used for various GSM based applications including :

  • Remote Irrigation Controller,
  • Remote Motor starter,
  • Remote Solar water heating control panel
  • Industrial process control applications.

Hardware Configuration

The system hardware consists of an ARM cortex processor to which a GSM module and various I/O lines are connected. The hardware configuration is as per the following:

  • ARM Cortex-M 100 MHz CPU
  • Upto 256K Flash
  • Upto 16K RAM
  • RS 232
  • RS485
  • RTC
  • LCD
  • Keypad
  • 24V tolerant 12 Digital/Analog isolated I/O Lines
  • Temperature sensor interface ( PT100 type )
  • On-board GSM/GPRS Module( Quadband)
  • Industrial Enclosure

System Software

The software in the system is designed to accept SMS commands and programming sequences by the user, based on which necessary I/O lines are driven. To these I/O lines various sensors and output devices can be connected and the same is monitored and controlled by the software.The software in the system can be divided into the following parts:

SMS Command Server Module

This module receives command via SMS and processes the same.

Program Execution Module

This module analyzes the program sequences that are sent by the user via SMS. These sequences are stored on the permanent storage area and contain instructions to activate/deactivate the I/O lines at a specific point in time. Each programming sequence can be controlled by start and stop time and in all the I/O lines to which various devices can be controlled based on time based settings. Alternatively, these I/O lines can be driven by the parameters received as inputs from various sensors connected to the system.

Alert Generation Module

The software analyzes the various alert request placed by the user and upon changes in the system, delivers the requested alerts to the user via SMS.


GSM Based Irrigation Controller

This device can perform as an irrigation controller that can be monitored and controlled remotely. By sending a sequence of commands, the valves connected on various I/O’s can programmed to be activated or deactivated at certain time of the day or of the week. Based on the programming done, the controller can switch on the motors required for irrigation and on/off the various valves attached to the system.

The controller can accept commands over SMS or alternatively an Android app can be developed for the same. Once programmed, the controller can send multiple alerts as per the user’s requirements.

The various analog/digital I/O lines can be used to connect various instrumentation devices including water meter, soil moisture sensor, temperature sensor, rain sensor etc. Data from these various sensor inputs can then be used to drive the valves or san be sent as an SMS to the user upon requests.

GSM Based Motor Starter

This controller can be used to control and monitor the status of any motor which can be remotely started or stopped by sending SMS commands. The entire motor on/off sequence can be programmed via SMS and the status of the motor at any given point in time can be remotely monitored by SMS. The system can sense overload and dry run conditions of the motor and corrective actions can be taken accordingly.

GSM Based Industrial Automation

All those tasks that can be achieved by a PLC can be done by this system. The system can be used for an industrial process control and can be programmed to obtain various input parameters (data from various sensors), based on which the output lines can be driven to control various devices. Most importantly, the entire system programming can be done by sending an SMS and alerts can be obtained from the system via SMS.

Solar Water Heating Control Panel

This system can be used for controlling the forced flow solar water heating solutions. The system can receive PT100 temperature sensor data, based on which it can drive the motor to intiate the water circulation between storage tank and collector arrays. This control panel can be monitored remotely and various parameters including T1/T2 temperatures can be set remotely via SMS. 


This system can be customized further to add the following features:

  • GPRS / 3G Interface
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • WiFi Interface
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Expansion of I/O Lines
  • Type of LCD’s , Keypads
  • Web based control
  • PCB Redesign as per enclosure dimensions

Our Expertise

Embedded Hardware

  • Cortex A8: TI OMAP
  • ARM11 : FreeScale i.MX31
  • ARM9 : FreeScale i.MX233, i.MX21, i.MX27
  • Cortex M4: NXP 176x, TI Stellaris

Embedded Software

  • Embedded Linux
  • WinCE
  • uCOS
  • ThreadX
  • QT
  • Android
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